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  • Sharbari Z. Ahmed

    Sharbari Z. Ahmed

    I’m a scattalogical, Prosecco swilling Muslim American trying to tell good stories. Long suffering writer, eternal optimist.

  • Ahmed Kabil

    Ahmed Kabil

    Editor, The Long Now Foundation. Stories in OneZero, GEN, LEVEL, Timeline. Say hi: med@well.com

  • Alex Feerst

    Alex Feerst

    Lawyer, writer, dreamer, doer.

  • Sally McGrane

    Sally McGrane

    Sally McGrane is a Berlin-based journalist, and writes about culture, business, politics, and science. The spy thriller“Moscow at Midnight” is her first novel.

  • Kate Morgan

    Kate Morgan

    Kate is a freelance journalist who’s been published by Popular Science, The New York Times, USA Today, and many more. Read more at bykatemorgan.com.

  • Nolan Gray

    Nolan Gray

    the once and future city planner // AICP // @UCLAluskin // kentuckian in california

  • Mayukh Nair

    Mayukh Nair

    Err….. has opinions on a lot of things, but mostly writes about tech. Should be able to change that habit soon, hopefully.

  • Nicole Dieker

    Nicole Dieker

    Freelance writer at Vox, Bankrate, Haven Life, & more. Author of The Biographies of Ordinary People.

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